Small Scale Business Idea In Nigeria

Small Scale Business Idea In Nigeria

In this blog post you will know the best small scale business you can invest your money in.

This businesses are simply and easy to start the most interesting part is that you need little money as capital.

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1. Hand Bag Production

Hand bag is one of the most used items in Nigeria, you can take the advantages of this to make millions of naira,
You need to learn how to design small purse for women and wallet for men, make sure you know how to do it well, not just producing it but you are producing good and quality product, this will allow you to sell your market quickly and easily, if you have do all this thing successful then you can make millions from this small scale business.

2. Bread Production

Bread production is also one of the most profitable small scale business in Nigeria, this business is in high demand because most Nigerians consume bread a lot, whether at the morning, or afternoon ot evening, they always eat bread, make sure your bakery is located in us from long distance.

3. Snail Farming

Snail is one of the most consume food in Nigeria, this business is very profitable because we have less snail farmer in Nigeria, that is to say you have little or no competitor.

With just N50,000 you can start a successful
snail business,this business is very profitable if you know it works.
Make sure you learn snail farming because you invest any dime into it, this will allow you how what to do and what to spend money on in snail farming business.

4. Cassava Farming

Cassava farming is one of the most profitable farming method, this business is very profitable because you don’t need to spend huge amount of money, all you need is proper training and little capital to start your cassava farming business.
You can start this business with just N100,000
You can invest in cassava farming business even if you don’t know anything about farming, you can easily hire someone to work for you and then you will pay them at the en of the month.

5. Watermelon Farming

Watermelon farming is one of the fastest money making business in Nigeria currently, you can get back you money on watermelon business within three months.
This business is very profitable because you spend huge amount of money, likewise you don’t need any workers because you can do it all.

6. Palm Oil Business

Palm Oil business is one of the simple and easier business in Nigeria currently, all you have do is Palm oil business is to buying and selling Palm oil in lower price from another state to the other.
This business is very profitable because you make your money back within 6 hours. That means you invest in Palm oil business today and make huge amount of money as profit the same day.

7. Local Restaurant

Local restaurant is also known as BuKa, in this business all you have to do is start your own run a restaurant where you can buy cooked food and also drinks, make sure that you have clean and good environment which you sell your business, if you have dirty environment
The most important aspect is that you must know how to cook food, if you don’t how to cook good food then this business is not for you.


The most important thing in b
business is honesty, make sure you are honest in every thing you do in your business from the beginning, don’t tell your lie customer because they will not stay with if they found out that you are lying to them.

Advertisement is very important because it will drive a lot of traffic to your business and make your popular product popular Within short period of time.

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