Small Scale Business Investment Opportunities

Small Scale Business Investment Opportunities

Small Scale Business Investment Opportunities 1Did you want to know the best small scale business in Nigeria that you can invest your little money and make huge amount of money within short period of time?, If yes then this article is for you.

1. Cassava Farming

Cassava product is in high demand in Nigeria and abroad, they need it and many people are ready to buy in at any price, the most important thing in this business is to produce good quality product for your customers especially those who want to export it to another country, make sure you learn about cassava farming before you start investing in it.

2. Cold Room Business

Cold room business is also one of the most profitable business in Nigeria that requires little capital, all you have to do is to provide any environment where frozen food seller can ice there goods that all you need to do because most people can’t afford the most to it one there own.

3. Restaurant

Restaurant is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently especially if your shop is located beside or near big companies, then it very easy for you because they will always come to eat, most people can’t cook at home due to one reason or the other so the only option for them is to eat out.
This business is very profitable, you don’t need huge amount of money before you can start.

4. Watermelon Farming

Watermelon farming is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria which you can start with just N100,000 and make over 300% within three months, watermelon is on high demand in Nigeria currently because it becoming more popular in Nigeria especially in Lagos,

You can invest in this business and make millions in return on your investment.

5. Bread Production

Bread is one of the cheapest food in Nigeria due to this reason everyone can afford it either you are rich or poor, the most interesting part is that bread is ready food you buy it now and eat immediately you don’t need to do any of things again.
You can make millions from bread production business if you how it works and learn from expert in the industry.

6. Solar Panels

Nigerian government has failed when it comes to power supply, you can take the advantages of this to make huge amount of money because Nigerians need alternative power supply to do so many things.
You can invest in solar panels business even if you don’t know much about it you can hire expert to work for you.
This business is very profitable because Nigerians don’t have choice than to buy from you

7. Waste Management

Waste management is one of the problem we have in Nigeria, you can make huge amount of money by solving this business for us, especially in Lagos State.
You can invest in waste management niche including junk hauling, waste recycling and waste disposal, this business is very lucrative business people can’t do without all this things.

8. Transportation Business

You can invest in transportation businesses like taxi, tricycle, bike and bus, hire some people to work for you, employ a driver to drive a bus and you will pay him monthly or weekly.
Transportation business is very profitable in Nigeria because we have huge population and everyone needs to move from one place to another either from one street to the other or from one state to another.

9. Super Market

Super market is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria currently because most people don’t want to face the stree of moving from one place to the other in the market, so that prefer super market where you can buy all what you need in one place.
Make sure your shop is located in human traffic area so that many people will see your shop if you want to invest in this business, make sure you have trending product and always sell quality product, you too can make millions from super market business if you do the right thing at the right time and have a a lot of patient.

These are the Small Scale Business you can invest your money in to.

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