Mark Zuckerberg Biography

In this blog post you will know everything about the founder of the largest social media “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. into a middle of class family, his father is a dentist.
When Mark was at the age of 12, he create a messaging program called “Zucknet” , his massaging program is very useful for his father because the receptionist use it to inform his father of a new patient without moving across the room to call him.
This Massaging program called Zucknet is also use to communicate by Mark’s family within their house.

Mark Zuckerberg work with his friend who is an artist, and they both create a computer game which they for fun.

He said in an interview that he have alot of who were artist, so to create the computer game they came with their design while Mark create a game out of the design.


Mark Zuckerberg’s father, Edward Zuckerberg is a dentist, his office is attached to the family house.
Mark Zuckerberg’s mother, is Karan Zuckerberg, she work as a psychiatrist but she stop working as soon a she gave birth to Mark and his siblings.
Mark Zuckerberg have three siblings.
Randi Zuckerberg
Donna Zuckerberg and
Arielle Zuckerberg.


Mark Zuckerberg have passion for computer from teenage age so his parents hire a private computer teacher for him, David Newman always come home to once in a week to work teach Mark, During this period Mark Zuckerberg start take part in a course at Mercy College, this College is close to Mark house. He later move to Philip Exeter Academy, a preparatory school located in New Hampshire, Mark show his talent and his ability in Phillip Exeter Academy especially in fencing, which made him to be the capital of his school’s team during the time. He earned a diploma in classics.


Now Mark Zuckerberg have more know about programming, he continues creating computer games, he create Pandora, a music software, which he named Synapse.

Synapse was so popular everyone was using the software, this make big companies in America to show interest in both the software and in Mark Zuckerberg, they want to buy the music software and they also want to hire Mark but he refused to work with them and also he didn’t sell his music software, this Companies include Microsoft, AOL and other companies. this all happened before Mark graduation.

Mark Zuckerbuerg graduated from Exeter Academy in 2002 and he got admission to Harvard University immediately, but he didn’t stay in Harvard University for long because he drop out to devote himself to this current company Facebook and he said working full-time.

He created other programs including, CourseMatch, this program help students to choose their classes based on the course selections of other users, this program is very popular during this period because every students uses it.
Mark also create Fecemash, which help to compare the face of two students in campus and allow the other students to vote who is the most attractive, this software is very popular in all American University especially in Harvard University during this period.

After creating many successful project, many people believe in him especially his friends, so Divja Narendra, and twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss join Mark Zuckerbuerg and they work on a social networking site they named it Harvard Connection, this site is so amazing, they create this site to get Harvard student so that they can get student information from Harvard students to create a dating website for Harvard elite.

Mark Zuckerbuerg drop this website as soon as he drop out of Harvard University and face his own social network, which he called Facebook, this is how Facebook was born






Mark Zuckerbuerg and his friends, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin respectively, they create Facebook from their room in Harvard University. Facebook allow user to create a profile, chat with friends and family, and upload their pictures.
Facebook is the largest socal network in the world currently with over 2 billion user across the world, this company work billions of dollars, which give her a sit in the list of Top Ten Richest Companies In The World.

Facebook was created in dorm room in Harvard University until June 2004, that was when Mark drop out of Harvard University, then he relocate his company to Alto, California, before 2004 ran out Facebook already had over 1 million user most of these people are from the United States Of America.

The following year, 2005, Accel Partners invest $12.7 million into Facebook, this was a huge success for Mark Zuckerberg and his friends because it boost their project during this period it was open only for Ivy League students. but later Mark Zuckerbuerg granted other colleges, high school and University access to Facebook, this decision boost the population of user that grow bigger and Facebook have over 5.5 million users at the end of 2005.

At this point many companies want to advertise their product on this popular socal network, along the line many companies also show their interest and they want to buy Facebook but Mark Zuckerbuerg turn down the offer, this companies include, Yahoo!, MTV Network and others.

Since then Facebook is doing well till this present moment, they earn huge amount of money from advertisement, from numerous Companies across the world.



Mark Zuckerbuerg meet his wife in Harvard University, Priscilla Chan a Chinese American medical doctor.
In 2012 they got married a day after Facebook’s IPO.

Over 100 people we’re their to celebrate with them in Palo Alto California, but the guest through they were there to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation but is was not so, as both Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerbuerg exchange vows.




Mark Zuckerbuerg have two daughters.
Max was born in November 30, 2015, while August was born on 28 August, 2017.

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