Hottest Business Idea In Nigeria

Hottest Business Idea In Nigeria

Did you want to know the hottest business ideas in Nigeria? If Yes, then you are in the right place because this article talk about it from the beginning to the end.

1. Food Exportation

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Food exportation is one of the hottest business in Nigeria, all you have to do in this business is to buy local food such as

local rice, garri, elubo, cry fish, dry fish, and other items after purchasing these local foods make sure you package it well and then export it to other countries like United States Of America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other countries.

This business is very profitable because a Yoruba man in United States Of America can spend up to $50 to get garri which he can use to make eba.

The most important aspect of this business is that you must make sure you export quality products, you food can be rejected if it is not up to standard quality.

2. Bread Production

Bread production is one of the hottest business idea in Nigeria, this business is very lucrative because bread is cheap, you don’t need to be a millionaire before you can eat a bread.

The most important aspect in this business is to produce quality and affordable bread because we have many bread industry in Nigeria already, so you have do something special, advertisement is also important in this business because if you produce quality bread and people don’t know about it then it will take years for you to make money from it, run advertisement on radio, television and on socal media such as Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Yam Farming

Yam is one of the most consumer food in Nigeria in the pass and also currently because it is cheap, easy to cook, you can invest your money in yam planting, everybody can invest in this business, even if you don’t know anything about farming, all you have to do is to hire expert that can work on your behalf.

The Northern part of Nigeria have the best soil for yam planting but you can still plant yam at eastern and western part of Nigeria because their soil is also good for yam but the northern soil better.

4. Mini Importation

Mini Importation is also one of the hottest business ideas in Nigeria currently, this business is easy to start and also simple to learn it a fast money making business, you don’t have to travel to China or United States Of America because you want to ship to Nigeria, you can order for the product that you need online and it will be delivered to your at your door step.

The most interesting part of this business is that you can buy a product from China for $5 and sell it to the final consumer here in Nigeria for N15,000 if you know how it works.

Make sure you order for the best product because if you fail to do so you can loss your money, make sure you import popular and trending product this will also allow you to sell your products quickly.

5. Phone And Laptop Sales

Phone and laptop sales is very profitable because in today’s Nigeria because 99.9% of Nigerians have a phone and a laptop.

If you want to make quick money in Nigeria the phone and laptop sales is the business you need to invest in because you will be making your money immediately after investing in the business.

You can make 200% profit on each laptop and sales you sell especially if you know how to order the phone from China or United States Of America directly to Nigeria, it is advisable to buy trending and popular phone and laptop brand such as iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Nokia and other phone brands, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Apple Laptop and other popular laptop brand. so that you can sell your goods quickly


1. Business Plan

Business plan the real business, make sure you have good and accurate business plan, take your time to write these plans because the failing and rising of your business depends on it.

Ask for advice from expert in the business you are about to start because they have many years of experience.

2. Advertisement

Advertisement is very important for every business either your business is new or old you must advertise so that people can know your product, don’t be afraid to spend money on advertisement.

3. Quality Product

Make sure you produce quality product, this is most important aspect of every business, if you run millions of naira on advertisement and you produce low quality product people won’t buy your products because of the quality, make quality product your number one agenda.

4. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important for all businesses, treat your customers like a Kings and Queens, don’t ignore their complains, ask them questions about your product, listen to their advise for you. Many business have failed in Nigeria because they don’t entertain customer’s complain about the company or product and also they don’t know how to keep good customer relations.

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